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Structural revenue growth for ambitious tech organizations.

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Calltraders realizes high-quality lead generation against a fixed low fee per month to be able to grow structurally in sales and new business. 

We ervaren een groeiende trend waarbij sales & marketing processen steeds dichter naar elkaar toe komen. Dit zal de komende jaren alleen maar verder toenemen gezien uw prospects vaak direct op-maat-gemaakt advies verwachten bij interesse. 

Calltraders introduces a full-service sales & marketing concept for generating high-quality introductory appointments, online demos and event registrations. Clients like Capgemini, Progress and IBM characterize us as the missing link in their sales and marketing teams.

Account Based Telemarketing

Outsource your new business lead generation to a party that truly understands the average IT landscape of your target audience and translates it into promising visitor appointments. Regionally, nationally and internationally! Not only do we realize Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) via Telemarketing but we also keep in touch with your target group throughout the year as Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).

Online Marketing combined with Telemarketing

Attract your potential customers through the website or landing pages using Google or LinkedIn Advertising. Calltraders converts website visitors, contact requests, webinar participants and downloads into qualified (online) new business appointments. Our team of senior sales agents are the extension of your sales team.

International market penetration EU/US 

Beautiful product without borders? We help ambitious IT scale-ups with their European market penetration based on our international Telemarketing & Sales team. Meet your international target group virtually and grow structurally into new regions and markets. We have English, German and French speaking sales agents.

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Sales Development 

Our tele-consultants recognize IT Workspace and Cloud opportunities from your target accounts and translate them into highly qualified leads through cold acquisition, among other methods. 

Inbound Sales

Optimized online ads through Google Adwords and LinkedIn Ads targeting specific accounts. 

Marketing Automation

No HTML formatted newsletters but ultra personalized value and call-to-action email marketing focused on target accounts based on Opt-Ins won online and by phone. 100% GDPR proof. 

Demand Marketing

Attract potential leads with the right content tailored to your target audience and accounts. With our secret strategy formula you dominate the market with impactful content. 

Sales Strategy

Through tailored advice, you will stay up-to-date on the most relevant applications for your organization.


Receive access to our CRM and telemarketing system for real-time access to statistics and calls.

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