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Telemarketing leaders since 2015

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In early 2015, Calltraders started from Rotterdam to help sales teams within companies close accounts faster through highly qualified visit appointments. Today, Calltraders offers organizations the complete Account-Based framework for a new view on winning accounts.

One Team

Calltraders operates on a principle whereby all our B2B campaigns and internal processes are executed based on a combined team of marketing specialists, business developers and campaign managers. Marketing, data and sales forms the foundation of a successful B2B strategy. 

Partners in Sales

Technology is an important part of our B2B campaigns. Therefore, we only work with the best tool stacks for inbound and outbound marketing. For each project and account, new rules apply to which we adapt our toolset. 


The results from our campaigns are completely due to our dedicated people. Oh, and we are growing very fast and therefore always looking for new talent to join our team. Do you have an enormous sales drive or are you a passionate marketer? Then be sure to check out our vacancies. 

Open vacancies

Only 1% of all leads convert to customers. Ready to join us in focusing on a strategy that does work?

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