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Account-Based Marketing for ambitious IT organizations.

Ready for an increased conversion rate within your high-value accounts?


Be ahead of your competitors with ABM for IT Services.

Account-Based Marketing is the new way of marketing for B2B companies which uses targeted and highly personalized campaigns to win specific as a customer. Instead of relying on broad campaigns meant for every kind of business, ABM treats "individual accounts as markets in their own right"(therefore the ITSMA's definition of ABM - the Information Technology Services Marketing Association).

Current situation at IT companies: 

Long sales cycles, endless follow-ups and decision makers who keep procrastinating. IT companies obtained warm inbound leads for years. But with the large inflow of new competitive players, your growth plans require more and more strategy from marketing and sales. 
Widely deployed online marketing campaigns convert to few new customers. There is too little overview of the conversion and sales points to marketing and marketing points to sales. What is going wrong? 

After Account-Based Marketing:

Shift the focus from large amounts of new leads to a smaller target audience within a specific industry or set of variables. Our campaigns begin by creating a strategy based on TEAM (Target, Engage, Attract, Measure) and then using telemarketing, online ads and content marketing to realize the ideal out-reach campaign. Ready for the new way of marketing and selling for your software solution or custom service? 

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Get to know your "best-fit accounts.

Best-fit accounts convert 65% faster to new customers with the right approach. Listen to your current customers, CRM, team and recognize the patterns that make your service unique and suitable for a new ideal target group of potential customers. Calltraders helps IT companies determine, approach and close these accounts. 

We help you with the right engagement towards your target accounts for a Multichannel mix of marketing activities. Clean databases, online and tele-marketers with years of experience help you explore and dominate the wonderful world of B2B in IT. 

Our multichannel possibilities:

Telemarketing 3.0

Our core activity on a fixed monthly rate basis. Our tele-consultants recognize the IT Workspaces and Cloud opportunities of your target accounts and translate them into highly qualified appointments.

Online advertising

Smart online ads through LinkedIn, Google and Facebook targeting specific accounts deliver 78% more conversions than traditional advertising to the total available audience.  

Email marketing

No HTML formatted newsletters but ultra personalized value and call-to-action emails targeted to target accounts based on Opt-Ins won online and by phone. 100% GDPR proof. 

Content Marketing

Attract potential buyers through the right content designed for the target audience and accounts. Whitepapers, landing pages, webinars. Dominate your market with impactful content. 

Sales Academy

With 20 years of experience and best-practices in selling IT services and outsourcing, we offer customized sales training for new business consultants and account managers.

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