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Sales development for High-tech companies

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B2B Sales & Marketing in the high-tech manufacturing industries

Calltraders is one the leading sales development agencies especially for the high-tech manufacturing industry. Because this industry used to be a real people business full of face-to-face meetings, we’ve adjusted the rules of sales accordingly. We are able to create a qualified and scalable pipeline for you and your sales team. 

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We help manufacturers, suppliers and distributors find their ideal customer profiles (ICP) and translate these to focused sales development campaigns. In your team you will get a SDR, e-mail marketing specialist, B2B strategist and project manager for a fixed fee per month. 

As CRM-experts, we know exactly which stadia’s in the sales cycle need proper follow-up in order to reduce sales velocity. All we care about is getting our leads into your CRM on their way to the end stadium which is a deal! 

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